Intro To CDJs

After this “Watch and Learn” you will have the basic understanding of how to use CDJs. Yes, you can really put CDs inside!

Not ready to commit to watching the entire 15 min video? Fast Fwd to find exactly what you are looking for.

1:10 Different Media Modes – DISC / USB / SD


2:50 Comparing the basics with a Technics 1200 turntable including PITCH / TEMPO

4:47 Difference between Vinyl and CDJ Mode

6:30 Using the temporary “CUE

7:15 Searching and scrubbing through the track

8:15 Adjusting the brake and start – using this to create a “power down”

10:10 Adjusting the tension of the jog wheel

10:35 Hot Cues A, B, C

12:05 Using loops – auto loop, cutting 1/2

13:00 Changing direction – player going in reverse